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This is one of the Genuine product of Itechies for Trading the different currency pair automatically . It is sure that your balance will increase smoothly by our autobuy sell logic. The autobuy sell will be done from our product you just have to click on autorun button and click on yes to agree to do autobuy sell .

Features :
1.By clicking the auto buysell button and with very simple setting and from the server Buying and selling sign will be automatically developed it will do aumatically buysell .
2.Manual buy sell also can do easily can see all information about the buy sell condition.
3.Can watch the real rate and chart easily in main screen .
4.The software will update automatically every month just need to do one restart.

Functions :
1.Notice about the software changes and update and news of the world about fx will be view .
2.All Trading information done by our software can be seen in main screen .
3.All the history of trading will be store and can be seen at any time .
4.Can do simulation if you are worry about doing real trading with your real money you can do simulation how our software will do trading . Simulation is same like real trading only the different is the account money is not real.

Nikkei225 is the one of the most popular automatic software trading It will trade automatically the nikkei225 mini . Just need to click on autorun and leave the application for auto trade. The server will automatically generate the sign of buy and sell for autotrader Everday day it will generate sign two times morning and afternoon session .

Features :
1.Very easy to use just click the autorun buttn and leave the application .
2.It will do automatically buy sell from the sign generate from the server automatically.
3.every month software will be update automatically.
4.chart , real rate can be senn on main screen in real time .
5.if the application is close in any causee the order receive will be automatically cancel.

Functions :
1.Notice about the software and the world news about the nikkei will be displayed in main screen .
2.Transaction history of all the trading can be seen .
3.Can do the manual trading .

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